What does IQON give to the client?

Fast feasibility

At the same time, You can conduct numerous interviews in the virtual chat rooms that can operate parallel but at the same time they are independently accessible.


There is a huge saving possibility as well when the geographical problems do not interfere, and that’s why no need for expensive studios and room managers with observation rooms, detective mirrors, recording devices.

Immediate access

The data will create immediately a new database, which can highly speed up the processing and the research process.


The client can follow or monitor everything online on his own computer and take part in the interviews as well.

What does IQON offer to the researcher?

The sample can be conveniently control depending on geographic variables.

There is no need for the interview participants to be at the same place It is enough to have broadband Internet access.

The power of anonymity

Personal informations are known only by the moderator, otherwise participants are anonymous to each other.

Feel free in expressing opinion

In case of delicate subjects, there is more freedom of expression your opinion. The influencers can be easily eliminated, people who has a bit shier attitude can express their opinions as well, and there is no “group infection” commonly experienced in the traditional F2F. In contrast to personal interview, they express the participants their opinion widely and in larger depths and they do not try to figure out what can be the moderator's expectations or opinion.

More flexible guidance of interviews.

Pre-loaded and mouse-activated guides or leads help the moderator to remember / present anything through the discussion, but at the same time a wide range of interactivity can be achieved through the projective technique-based psychological games.