Our Methodology

IQON is a chat-based online focus group platform. In these online chat rooms typically talk to each other circa 6-12 participants in real-time. Participants are communicating by writing so there is no need for camera or microphone so we can filter all the classic distorting effects of verbal and nonverbal communication that can occur in real life.

Pre-loaded guides can easily help a psychologically less skilled moderator to conduct successful conversations.

Since each person typically try to answers EVERY question so the first answers are usually in parallel, without influencing each other, that’s why this method can give so much real information than the traditional F2F group.

Data is already included in a database during the conversation so basic information can be extracted immediately which is a significant advantage for projects requiring speed. On this purpose, the system has been developed like more focus groups can run simultaneously. In this way the whole data collecting of the research can be carried out in only one afternoon or evening.

With IQON online focus group platform various projective techniques can be used effectively just like classical psychological methodology tools. They can be used to recall the deeper emotions of research participants in topics where to express our emotions can be more difficult. In contrary to traditional focus groups methodology, an online FG research can handle up to 15-20 of these tasks easily and comfortably without compromising the dynamics of the conversation or wasting time.